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Smile Makeover, Root Canal, and Emergency Dentist in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

Not everybody is born with a perfect set of teeth. But you can find good dentists in our Sherman Oaks office, here in Los Angeles to help you achieve a smile makeover. A smile makeover involves a minimum of two visits. Read on to find out more about smile makeovers.

What is a smile makeover? When you visit our Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles office, one of our well-known dentists, Dr. Cory Rabonza, will discuss the whole smile makeover process with you. The goal is to enhance the appearance of your smile.

At Healthy Smiles Dental Office in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Dr. Cory Rabonza offers customized solutions for each patient. Porcelain veneer is the most commonly used material in smile makeovers and can be used to straighten crooked teeth, bridge gaps in teeth, hide fractures, chips, or unusually-shaped teeth and provide permanent white teeth. A porcelain veneer is a translucent layer that is fixed to a tooth to provide it with a new "face" and Dr. Cory, whose office is in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, can finish this procedure in two sessions.

Smile Makeovers

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Emergency Root Canal in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

On an emergency root canal procedure, your Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles specialist will thoroughly clean the infected tooth, removing the damaged nerves and pulp. After that, he will seal the hollow area to prevent bacteria from reentering.

An emergency root canal may take more than one visit to your dentist before it is completed. With a specialist, it would only take one visit.

Most patients have a very frightening concept of root canal. However, thanks to modern dental technology and expertise of our emergency, root canal dentist in our Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles office, you can now have healthier teeth and preserve your smile in the process. Emergency Root Canal is an effective way to save a decaying tooth that could otherwise be extracted.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Cory’s for close to three years now and I truly could not ask for a better dentist. In addition to basic cleanings, Dr. Cory has replaced all my old mercury fillings, repaired tooth abrasions and did a beautiful job placing a veneer over a horribly damaged tooth of mine. The entire Healthy Smiles’ staff is an amazing group of women. They are wonderful at their work and are always so pleasant and welcoming. I genuinely look forward to each visit. I recommend Healthy Smiles to each and every person!
Jessica T.

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