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Onlay and Inlay

Silver metal fillings can look unattractive since it does not follow the natural color of the teeth. The advanced techniques in dentistry have made it possible to enhance the look of the tooth by changing the silver fillings into white fillings. Metal fillings can be replaced by a more natural-looking material which is made of laboratory-processed porcelain or laboratory-processed composite. Inlays are fillings on the space surrounded by the tooth structure, while onlays are the fillings that cover a larger structure that is on the bite and the cusp area.

Onlays/inlays are porcelain or composite restoration processed in the laboratory. This is highly recommended to keep the aesthetic aspect of the teeth in the molar and premolar area, as well as preserve the interproximal contact of the teeth. This kind of restoration is aesthetically beautiful while protecting a large fracture of the tooth.

Before and After

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