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Cosmetic Crown

A crown is a cap to restore and protect the tooth from further fracture. There are two kinds of crowns. A crown can be porcelain-infused gold or simply all-porcelain ceramic. Normally, it is used to cover the tooth to replace a large restoration after a root canal treatment or to put a structure to a broken tooth reduced by decay or other elements. Aesthetically, an all-porcelain crown will not show dark metal edges as the gum recedes.

The goal of our treatment is to not only save the patient’s tooth, but to also consider the visual image of the patient. We make sure that the color, the shape, the texture of our patient’s crown or bridge follow the characteristics of the patient’s natural teeth. This will ensure that the patient’s smile will look natural as ever. This will also restore the chewing and biting functions of the teeth.

Before and After

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