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I have silver fillings that are unattractive. What can be done to change them?

Those are silver amalgam fillings that are common years ago. They are 50% mercury and 50% silver alloy. The life span of a silver filling is five to eight years. It needs to be replaced eventually due to leakage, breakdown, or recurrent decay.

There are new ways in replacing your silver fillings that are more aesthetic, functional, and long-lasting.

We use materials such as white fillings, porcelain onlays or inlays, or porcelain crowns.

I have some stains on my teeth. What can I do to remove them?

Depending on the stain, we have different ways of treating them.

If the stain is caused by external factors such as tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, and the like, we recommend our in-house bleaching where we apply a bleaching gel on your teeth and we use a laser light to further enhance the bleaching. This may be done on multiple visits depending on how the teeth responds to this treatment.

We also have home bleaching where we provide you with bleaching materials for you to use consistently for a period of time.

Furthermore, if the stain is something internal, we recommend porcelain veneers which will cover the stain with the use of a thin porcelain shell. This is a great option for permanently improving your smile.

I am afraid of going to the dentist because the sound of the drill just scares me. What can you do to help me, so that I can have my necessary treatment?

Our office offers thousands of movies from Netflix collection as well as choices of your favorite music, while your treatment is going on. This will greatly divert your attention from the sound of the drill to the entertainment we offer.

My gums are bleeding whenever I brush my teeth. What is going on?

You may have Gingivitis, a gum disease, that is common to those who do not brush and floss their teeth regularly and to those who miss their dental cleaning appointments.

I would recommend to see your dentist as soon as possible to discuss options in treating gum disease.

Your dentist may also recommend a special mouthwash to reduce redness and swelling back.